Balls & Bags

One of the nice things about our business is that you really never know what is going to turn up each day. Never in my wildest dreams, as I watched the preparation for the 2019 Rugby world cup, did I think that we would be involved in it, albeit in a small way.

One of our clients manage events, they run concerts across the Uk and Europe and we provide branded promotional collateral for them.

The client called me in August to say that they had got the gig to manage programme distribution for the Rugby World Cup in Japan and amongst other things needed to source some Hi Vis bags similar to Newspaper delivery bags and get them branded. Luckily we were able to help and turned them around in a matter of days, only to find they had subsequently won some more venues and we then had to get another 100 of the bags for them in around two days!

Now we are as fond of a sporting event programme as the next guy, so a few phone calls later we had arranged it.

A couple of weeks later I received the attached photos of our bags in use.

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